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Tue Jan 30 11:08:25 EST 2007

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Dear Serge,

Serge schrieb:
> I am interested to contribute to the French translation of GnuCash, and
> I would like to know how to proceed.

thanks a lot for your contribution so far. The glossary file looks very
good and I've just applied it to SVN.

> During my investigation, I came across the page at
>, and went through the process
> described, down to section 5 "The glossary file".  I found the
> instructions clear and concise, as far as such instructions can be
> concise. My only suggestion would be to correct the reference for
> getting source from SVN from to

Thanks for pointing this out. Is fixed now.

> Contacting the maintainer of French language was a little more confusing.
> I had to go to the Gnu Translation Project
>, which referenced to
> as responsible for French translation of Gnome, where there is no
> reference to GnuCash. As suggested by jonathan at from
>, I finally decided to write directly to you, the translation
> manager.

The translation of the actual program has been contributed by Fabrice
Kurz (in CC); he contributed a 100% completed translation (although
there have been 10-15 new strings by now). If you proceed further, you
should coordinate with him whether you rather want to proof-read his
existing French translation, or work on the Help or the Tutorial&Concept
Guide documents, or whatever. Just coordinate this with him, and feel
free to submit all intermediate results or further questions to me or
gnucash-devel. Thanks a lot.


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