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Josh Sled jsled at
Wed Jan 31 09:52:00 EST 2007

On Wed, 2007-01-31 at 00:01 -0500, David Reiser wrote:
> I just started lurking in the irc logs. I guess I should find a  
> client...

That'd be <> for
those of you following along at home...

> But I noticed you asked about dense calendar font sizing. I'd much  
> prefer -1 or 0 for the font reduction. I was happy to see the switch  
> to pango, as that fixed a problem with the vertically oriented month  
> abbreviations. But the current -2 pts makes the dates almost  
> unreadable for me, and there's lots of room in the boxes. However, I  
> am using an old GTK+, so that might be complicating the rendering on  
> my Mac. Fink is working on getting GTK+ up to 2.10 from its current 2.6.

My system font is "DejaVu Sans Condensed Condensed 8", so with the
reduction, it's down to 6 pts, which is on the bubble for me too. But I
figure that if you have a font that you can tollerate as your system
font, then 2 points smaller is probably always going to be just on the
bubble.  Maybe 1 pt reduction is all that's reasonable.

Also, as you notice, there's something not quite right yet with the
dense-cal sizing, as even with the font reduction the days are still too
large.  I've only done the minimum to convert to pango at the moment,
which was the high priority task there; I'd really like to completely
overhaul the dense-cal layout/rendering/computation/&c., but that lower

Of course, maybe it should use whatever scaled font fits in the boxes,
as defined by the allocation area ... thus the font would shrink if it's
sized really small (to some limit), and grow if there's space available
(to some limit).  Probably unnecessary, though...

What I'll do is make the font-size reduction a gconf value, but not
exposed via prefs/ui.  We can manually change the value if we like to
gauge the effect and correct any problems, but the default will just be
what it is for users that don't care ... and the default will probably
be a reduction of 1 pt.

> While I was looking at the revision, I saw
> in gnc-dense-cal.c, line 305
> font_size -= font_size_reduction * PANGO_SCALE;
> Is that '-=' really a legitimate operator? Code seems to work, but it  
> looks odd to me.

Sure.  It's just sugar for {foo = foo - bar}, of course.

...jsled - a=jsled;;echo ${a}@${b}
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