Cannot enter text correcty on Win platform

Ivars Grinbergs igrinbergs at
Mon Jul 2 07:45:10 EDT 2007

Sorry, missed to copy mailing list.

Ivars Grinbergs wrote:
> Hello,
> As Christian suggested, I have reported bug on this issue (Bug #453068).
> Answer to question below is that I cannot enter Latvian text from 
> keyboard in neither kind of entry fields. For more details and 
> illustrations check out above mentioned bug.
> Ivars
> Christian Stimming wrote:
>> Hi,
>> thanks for reporting this problem. I'd suggest you add a new bugzilla 
>> entry
>> but I've already another question:
>> Am Freitag, 22. Juni 2007 11:05 schrieb Ivars Grinbergs:
>>>    I've tried to use MS Win version of GnuCash (v2.1.4, built from 
>>> r16170
>>> on 2007-06-18) on my Win XP Pro (SP2) laptop. The problem I 
>>> encounter is
>>> that I cannot enter my local language (Latvian) correctly.
>>>    From keyboard I cannot enter specific characters of the Latvian 
>>> language
>>>    into any GC field.     
>> We have to different entry fields (from an implementation point of 
>> view):
>> The first kind are the normal (gtk) entry boxes, which come up for 
>> example when (in an account register window) you click the button 
>> "Transfer" in the toolbar or the menu entry Actions->Transfer. Is it 
>> possible to enter Latvian characters in the "Description" text field? 
>> If not, it's most likely a fault of the gtk library.
>> The other kind of entry boxes are those in the account register 
>> ("table") windows, where you see all the transactions in a window. If 
>> something doesn't work there, well, it's most likely our fault...
>> Again thanks for your report and please add a description to 
>> bugzilla. Once you've entered the report there, you can also upload 
>> screenshots there, which would be quite helpful for seeing what you 
>> can enter.
>> Christian
>>>    However, I can do copy from other place (for instance, notepad) 
>>> and paste anywhere in GC correct symbols which are then
>>> correctly stored and displayed.
>>>    The specific chars are those:
>>>    Which correspond to “regular” chars:
>>>    ERUIOASGKLZCNeruioasgklzcn
>>>    This is what I can get form keyboard within GC:
>>>    ÈÙÌÒÀèùìòÃ
>>>    Which correspond to “regular” chars:
>>>    EUIOAeuioa
>>>    As you can see, for most chars keyboard typing is ignored.
>>>    To get Latvian language/keyboard, do this:
>>>    1. Enable language bar  (right-click taskbar, check 
>>> Toolbars->Language
>>> bar); 2. Right-click keyboard icon in Language bar, add to „Installed
>>> Services” input language „Latvian” and keyboard layout „Latvian
>>> (~)”; 3. Now one should be able to choose „Latvian (~)” by
>>> left-clicking keyboard icon in Language bar and after that able to 
>>> input
>>> specific chars – to get specific  char push an release tilde key ([~]
>>> near [1]) and after that corresponding “regular” char, for 
>>> instance,
>>> keyboard sequence [~][a] should yield “ā” char.
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