Auto-Saving implemented in r16227 (to become 2.1.5) - Feedback wanted

Nigel Titley nigel at
Mon Jul 2 12:52:21 EDT 2007

Christian Stimming wrote:
> Dear all,
> after years and years of being asked to implement an automatic saving of the 
> data file ("auto-save") (and 
> ) I eventually implemented 
> this feature last week.
Hurrah! I could have done with this on Saturday. Spent about 3 hours 
entering various VAT return information, got to the end (not saving as 
gnucash is so stable these days and I've got out of the habit), entered 
last transaction.... gnucash crashed. No stacktrace, no core dump, 
nothing... I know it's my own stupid fault. I know I shouldn't do live 
work on the development version (but it is the best way of testing it). 
I know, I know....

Tried the log replay facility. Worked splendidly, except that during the 
previous three hours I had created various customers and this wasn't 
recorded in the log (of course), so ended up with various orphaned 
invoices. It seemed easier and safer to just do it all again. Sigh...


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