Auto-Saving implemented in r16227 (to become 2.1.5) - Feedback wanted

Christian Stimming stimming at
Sun Jul 1 08:35:13 EDT 2007

Dear all,

after years and years of being asked to implement an automatic saving of the 
data file ("auto-save") (and ) I eventually implemented 
this feature last week.

Once you install r16627 or higher (which will become 2.1.5), auto-save will be 
activated every 3 minutes by default (counting from the first change of your 
data, i.e. when the "*" appears in the title bar). The very first time this 
feature is run you will be shown an explanatory dialog that tells you where 
you can change the time interval or switch off this feature. That dialog 
won't be shown again.

I'd be glad to hear some feedback from users about whether this works fine or 
causes problems. In particular, we're not yet sure whether there might be 
issues with other time-consuming operations like running a report. Initial 
tests indicated those operations would simply continue in parallel, but we're 
not sure whether we covered everything. If you encounter any errors, feel 
free to add that to the above bugreport.

If some weird problems occur, I'll happily disable that feature again so that 
the upcoming 2.2.0 will not ship with this feature but be as stable as 
possible. But if we receive mostly positive feedback, this feature will make 
it into 2.2.0. Thanks a lot.



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