Re (IRC): 2.2.0 and auto-save

Dan Widyono dan at
Thu Jul 5 08:48:13 EDT 2007

> I'm just saying we developers have to find a decision  
> which doesn't necessarily conform with the majority of feedback on our  
> mailing lists. Neither we ourselves nor even the users of our mailing  
> lists might correspond "the normal user" in a representative way.  

Before you claim to make such decisions based on "what the normal user
wants", then, I suppose you need to agree on how to obtain the desires of
"the normal user".  If not through feedback on gnucash-users, then how?  How
will you ever know what "the normal user" wants, if not through some feedback
mechanism?  You should also define "the normal user".  Is it an average of
feedback from users, the loudest feedback, the closest feedback (e.g. our
spouses or partners), the most feedback (popularity vote), or ???

If everyone is on the same page regarding that, then you may have an easier
time deciding what "the direction" of gnucash "ought" to be.  Then again,
this is open source.  You also need to be interested in coding features in
order to put forth the effort.

With gratitude for your ongoing efforts,
Dan W.

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