Who is doing Japanese translation?

Gernot Hassenpflug gernot at nict.go.jp
Fri Jul 6 03:12:24 EDT 2007

My message did not seem to get through, so I post a short version.

1. I want to conribute Japanese translation to GnuCash, and have read
   webpage, wiki, and some translation documents.

2. Webpage and Wiki point to "external" translation being done, rather
   than "Translation Project" doing this. Some strings are done
   according to table on TP site.

3. I cannot find who is responsible volunteer or group.

My question: 

   should I write to TP contact address and request information
   (despite "external" status) or can this list supply the necessary
   information. I do not necessarily want to start from zero.

Thanks in advance,
Gernot Hassenpflug, NICT, Tokyo

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