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Josh Sled jsled at
Fri Jul 6 17:22:45 EDT 2007

(Back in February...) Josh Sled <jsled at> writes:
> Licensing
> ---------
> In new files (and old files related to this code that I hold copyright
> on), I've removed the "or any later version" clause.  I have problems
> licensing under a license that I haven't read, or that can change in
> ways I disagree with.  At some point I'll make this change for all
> source files I hold copyright on, and I intend to not use the clause on
> sources I (re)write in the future.

Some of the core devs had an (off-list) discussion about this back at the
time. The summary is:

- we all agree it is unfortunate that the license for all the sources isn't
  identical; that was already (minorly) true before my changes.

- a couple of us are not willing to license under "or any later version".

- no one really has any objection to a hypothetical OpenSSL exception.

As per <>:

I've summarized the state of the LICENSEing at the top of the file.

I've added specific text for the "OpenSSL exception" as derived from

I've added this text to files I have copyright on that do not include the "or
any later version" text.

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