QIF Import code for Multiple Currency Accounts

Agni Dasa info at uc3.com
Fri Jul 13 09:36:45 EDT 2007

Hi GnuCash Developers,  

I just installed the latest version of GnuCash 2.1.5 for Windows and tried 
importing my Quicken 2002 Premier Home & Busness QIF file that includes 
multiple currency accounts. The QIF import wizard reported that GnuCash 
does not currently handle multiple currency QIF file imports and that this 
limitation should be removed soon. Does anyone have any idea about how 
soon multiple currency QIF imports will be available? 

I really depend on that feature so I can switch over to GnuCash which as far 
as I have seen is the best accounting software available for accounting 
newbies like myself. I'm sure that there may be hundreds or maybe even 
thousands who are also waiting for this feature so they can switch over to 
GnuCash but when they see that it's not available they just move on without 
trying to contact the development team. So I'm asking on behalf of all those 
who chose to remain silent.  

I already emailed Bill Gribble who is listed in the credit list of GnuCash as the 
original developer of the QIF import but he responded at follows:  

> No, I'm sorry; I haven't worked on GnuCash in several years, and I don't
> follow its development.  You might try a request to the gnucash-devel
> mailing list to see who is currently maintaining the QIF import code. 
> Since the import process is something that you will only have to do one
> time, you might try to export each account to a separate QIF file, each
> file having only one currency, so the job of the QIF importer is
> simpler.  I don't use Quicken so I don't know exactly how to do that,
> but I believe it is possible. 

I tried his suggestion to export each account into a separate QIF files each 
having only one currency but after I imported them into GnuCash and 
imported the foreign currency account separately and specified the currency 
of that account the resulting numbers in GnuCash were not what they were 
supposed be maybe because of transfers between the foreign currency 
account and the other accounts.  

Anyway, please let us know who is currently maintaining the QIF import code 
and how soon multiple currency QIF imports will be available. Thanks and we 
are looking forward to hearing from you soon.     

Agni Dasa

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