QIF Import code for Multiple Currency Accounts

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Fri Jul 13 13:17:23 EDT 2007


The QIF importer doesn't support multi-currency..  I don't even know
what a QIF multi-currency transaction LOOKS like!  So, I'm afraid that
it just wont work for the forseeable future.

A couple of suggestions:

1) Import it account-by-account and then manually adjust the
   exchange rates

2) Start from scratch.

3) I can't think of a #3.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.


"Agni Dasa" <info at uc3.com> writes:

> Hi GnuCash Developers,  
> I just installed the latest version of GnuCash 2.1.5 for Windows and tried 
> importing my Quicken 2002 Premier Home & Busness QIF file that includes 
> multiple currency accounts. The QIF import wizard reported that GnuCash 
> does not currently handle multiple currency QIF file imports and that this 
> limitation should be removed soon. Does anyone have any idea about how 
> soon multiple currency QIF imports will be available? 
> I really depend on that feature so I can switch over to GnuCash which as far 
> as I have seen is the best accounting software available for accounting 
> newbies like myself. I'm sure that there may be hundreds or maybe even 
> thousands who are also waiting for this feature so they can switch over to 
> GnuCash but when they see that it's not available they just move on without 
> trying to contact the development team. So I'm asking on behalf of all those 
> who chose to remain silent.  
> I already emailed Bill Gribble who is listed in the credit list of GnuCash as the 
> original developer of the QIF import but he responded at follows:  
>> No, I'm sorry; I haven't worked on GnuCash in several years, and I don't
>> follow its development.  You might try a request to the gnucash-devel
>> mailing list to see who is currently maintaining the QIF import code. 
>> Since the import process is something that you will only have to do one
>> time, you might try to export each account to a separate QIF file, each
>> file having only one currency, so the job of the QIF importer is
>> simpler.  I don't use Quicken so I don't know exactly how to do that,
>> but I believe it is possible. 
> I tried his suggestion to export each account into a separate QIF files each 
> having only one currency but after I imported them into GnuCash and 
> imported the foreign currency account separately and specified the currency 
> of that account the resulting numbers in GnuCash were not what they were 
> supposed be maybe because of transfers between the foreign currency 
> account and the other accounts.  
> Anyway, please let us know who is currently maintaining the QIF import code 
> and how soon multiple currency QIF imports will be available. Thanks and we 
> are looking forward to hearing from you soon.     
> Regards,
> Agni Dasa
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