win32 gnome libs: libgtkhtml-3.14 requires gtk+-unix-print?

Andreas Köhler at
Sat Jul 21 10:32:48 EDT 2007


Christian Stimming schrieb:
> I just tried to upgrade all our win32 gnome libs to the most recent available 
> versions. However, with libgtkhtml I ran into a problem I couldn't solve so 
> far: libgtkhtml-3.14.pc contains a requirement on  gtk+-unix-print-2.0, which 
> doesn't exist on windows, as maybe the name implies as well :-)

That is right:

> What exactly does this issue including the gnomeprint thingy mean? Somehow I 
> missed an explanation of the change that should have happened here, and I 
> also missed an explanation of which part of the change might be missing so 
> far on win32. Could you enlighten me? Thanks.

With version 3.14.0 GtkHTML printing is done with the help of GtkPrint 
(added in gtk+ 2.10.0).  Somehow this support was kind of broken when I 
looked at it the last time, because everything was printed to only one 
page and characters were black-filled boxes only.  Maybe some 
cairo/gtk+/gtkhtml update fixed this.

There seems to be only one really annoying issue with the GtkHTML 
version we currently ship, which is that it seems to dislike activated 
advanced features of some printers (glyphs are drawn up-side-down). 
Feel free to take a better look at it :-)

-- andi5

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