win32 gnome libs: libgtkhtml-3.14 requires gtk+-unix-print?

Christian Stimming stimming at
Sat Jul 21 06:22:54 EDT 2007

Hi Andi,

I just tried to upgrade all our win32 gnome libs to the most recent available 
versions. However, with libgtkhtml I ran into a problem I couldn't solve so 
far: libgtkhtml-3.14.pc contains a requirement on  gtk+-unix-print-2.0, which 
doesn't exist on windows, as maybe the name implies as well :-)

What exactly does this issue including the gnomeprint thingy mean? Somehow I 
missed an explanation of the change that should have happened here, and I 
also missed an explanation of which part of the change might be missing so 
far on win32. Could you enlighten me? Thanks.


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