Druid for Stock purchase/selling

Bengt Thuree bengt at thuree.com
Sun Jul 22 22:18:53 EDT 2007

Hi Guys

I am only using gnucash now for the past 12 months or so, and so far I
have no regrets. Hopefully I can be a bit more active again a bit later,
in documentation if not in coding.

My main areas of issues are the following

1) Druids for security handling
(Buying/Selling/Dividend/Adding/Re-Invest/Split etc) for securities
2) Problems (at least in 2.0.2) with multiple currencies and non default
currencies in transactions. 340037, 335103, 334255
3) Easy investment reports (sortable per account, stock, sub summarize
per security (exists in many different accounts). Exportable to
openoffice or plain text, since the reports never seem to print out ok
for me. 

For instance:

I followed the Concept Guide, and sold some shares and it is a rather
cumbersome process compared with M$$ Money to be honest. Especially
since after I was done, I realized that my income/dividend account
contained a lot of 0 transactions. Still using 2.0.2 here.
Still having problems with 335103, 340037 among others.

Hopefully item 1 would fix item 2 :)
Therefore I am more than willing to offer a reward for this feature. USD
50 or more depending on the solution. Hopefully there will be more
people wanting this feature enough to offer a reward :)

A nice gui for stock handling is on the top of my wish list though, see
I would definitely be willing to offer a reward ( for this, and if a
number of other users wants the same, this reward can become a quite


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