updated gnucash's french translation : fr.po

Christian Stimming stimming at tuhh.de
Fri Jul 27 07:51:44 EDT 2007

Quoting Josh Sled <jsled at asynchronous.org>:

> Christian Stimming <stimming at tuhh.de> writes:
>>> One question:
>>> #. %s is the name of the weekday
>>> #: ../src/engine/FreqSpec.c:829
>>> #, c-format
>>> msgid "Bi-Weekly, %ss"
>>> If second 's' is here to use the plural form, could you add a comment
>>> for translators?
>> Oops. @jsled: If this should indeed be the plural form of the weekday,
> Does not the translator effect the whole string?  I was thinking that the
> translator would (not) use the trailing-s version depending on if it was
> appropriate for the translation.
> I could certainly add more detail in comments; I've started to do that with
> strings I've added recently.

Yes, and yes. Indeed a comment explaining the second 's' would help,  
and this is probably okay.

> FWIW, the FreqSpec code is dead, and will be removed at some point.  At the
> same time, there's basically-equivalent code in Recurrence, now.

In that case a comment could be added that says precisely this.


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