Compiling Gnucash 2.2.0 on Solaris 10 x86 using GCC - error

Alan Pae alanpae at
Fri Jul 27 15:03:05 EDT 2007

Derek Atkins wrote:
> Alan Pae <alanpae at> writes:
>>> ld: warning: file
>>> /export/home/alan/gnucash/gnucash-2.2.0/src/core-utils/.libs/
>>> linked 
>> to ../../src/core-utils/.libs/ attempted multiple
>> inclusion of file
>>> Undefined                       first referenced
>>>  symbol                             in file
>>> SCM_LIST1                           /gnucash-2.2.0/src/report/report-gnome/.libs/
>>> SCM_LIST4                           /gnucash-2.2.0/src/report/report-gnome/.libs/
>>> scm_listify                         /gnucash-2.2.0/src/report/report-gnome/.libs/
>>> SCM_LENGTH                          /gnucash-2.2.0/src/app-utils/.libs/
>>> scm_makstr                          ../../src/engine/.libs/
>>> ld: fatal: Symbol referencing errors. No output written to .libs/gnucash-bin
>>> collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
>> Getting close to a binary?
> Closer.   What version of guile do you have?   It looks like we
> might need to link against GUILE_LIBS in report-gnome.

Guile is 1.6.8.  Compile errors prevent me from jumping up to 1.8.x.

Tell me what to change and let's finish this up.


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