GnuCash 2.1.3

Christopher Olsen colsen01 at
Tue Jun 5 14:52:59 EDT 2007

  Having some problems with 2.1.3 reading an existing data file that
works fine in 2.0.5.
I have two gnucash files, one for my business and one for my personal stuff.
Both files throw a Schema validation error, but my personal file from
2.0.5 opens fine.
The business file will not open.  An error dialog is displayed saying:
"There was an error parsing the file GnuCash.gch"

This is the error that shows up on standard error:
/root/./GnuCash-CBO.gch:31: element gnc-v2: Schemas validity error :
Element 'gnc-v2': No matching global declaration available for the
validation root.

Since both files throw the same error but only one loads, there must be
some other issue causing the one file not to load.
Even if I save the file back out or export it.  I still get the Schemas
validation error.

Any thoughts on how to help track this down further?

    Chris Olsen

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