Gnucash UI dogtail test harness some ideas

ahmad sayed ahmadsayed83 at
Tue Jun 5 19:25:33 EDT 2007

Hi all,

I intend to do some modules around dogtail first, 

1 - Testplan editor is a common practice in Testing tools, in which user could state the testcase  formally, also could be used by the reporting tool to generate meaningful report, this formal description will be linked to a python method and the regression will run by feeding this file to a script 
    My suggestion here is to use xml with the following format
    <Testcase python_method="test_new_account_dialog">
        Test the new Account dialog

2 - Generic Validator is a way to write a quick validator, by storing the state of the widget or dialog under test, by  state  I mean all its children  named and their values, those data will be dumped to a file and stored as reference after the first run, and then it will be used as reference for later runs.

Those modules will NOT be the only way to run the regression in case of testplan you could run as a normal python code also specific validation for certain testcases my created, things but these modules will be important IMO for the following reasons

Tesplan module    :  will give a more controllability on the list of test cases.
Generic validator :  Is a quick way to do a validation but it is not the only way it will depends on the situation, and easier to update if any dialog  modified, no code change will be required only updating the references.

Best regards,
Ahmed Sayed

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