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don Paolo Benvenuto donpaolo at
Wed Jun 6 14:02:22 EDT 2007

I consider that the account search in find dialog has to receive some

The [Account] [matches no account] have a bad implementations. This is
explained in bug 150754. Keeping in mind the change requested in that
bug, here I want to discuss something more wide.

Now searching in the account can be performed in three ways:

1. [Account]      [matches any account]
2. [Account]      [matches no accounts]
3. [All accounts] [matches all accounts] (bad grammar, should be

The two buttons refer to accounts, and the 1st button refers to the
account(s) of the splits of the txns we are searching

However, in case 1 and 2 the accounts of "matches any/no account(s)" are
the account(s) I select as a term of comparison. But in case 3 "matches
all accounts" cannot refer to all the selected accounts. It seems to
refer to all the accounts of the various split of the searched txns.
This in an inconsistency with cases 1 and 2.

Really in the 3rd case we are asking that the accounts of all the splits
of the txns match some of the selected accounts. Then a more simple
"match any account" would be better, and would express the meaning of
the search.

Besides that, however, case 2 should be expressed as
[All accounts]  [matches no accounts]
because when we search for a txn that doesn't contain some account, we
want to get the txns were all the accounts don't match any of the
selected accounts (bug 150754 is about that).

Another observation: I consider that in the text of the buttons it would
be better to clarify when we refer to the accounts of the searched txn
and when we refer to the accounts I selected.

So I propose the following situation (keeping the same sorting as we
have now):

1. [Any account]  [matches any selected account]
2. [All accounts] [match no selected accounts]
3. [All accounts] [match any selected account]

Or maybe we could invert the sorting of 2 and 3:

1. [Any account]  [matches any selected account]
2. [All accounts] [match any selected account]
3. [All accounts] [match no selected accounts]

I think that this way account searching would be much more

Just my 2 ¢.

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