UI Dogtail test harness, Some issues begin to appreas

ahmad sayed ahmadsayed83 at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 9 12:54:08 EDT 2007

Hi josh

1 - There is a dialogs with no title like process payment, which i need to make dogtail detect the existance of the dialog, so This issue could be solved by 2 ways, 
        a - Add Title to this dialog.
        b - add an accessible description for this widget.
        Both may require Code change.

2 - also, Dogtail sniffer as well as my code detect an invisible Cancel Button in dialogs Like Find Customer and others,  anyone explain this behavior, is this a gnucash issue or dogtail issue.

3 - How could i get a dev account to be able to commit the current code i have to the svn. i got the i'm going to have a branch in which i'm going to commit my updates, what should i to make it happen

Best regards,
Ahmed Sayed

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