UI Dogtail test harness, Some issues begin to appreas

David Hampton gnucash at love2code.net
Sat Jun 9 14:45:00 EDT 2007

On Sat, 2007-06-09 at 09:54 -0700, ahmad sayed wrote:
> Hi josh
> 1 - There is a dialogs with no title like process payment, which i need 
> to make dogtail detect the existance of the dialog, so This issue could 
> be solved by 2 ways, 
>         a - Add Title to this dialog.

Not an option for all dialogs.  Some dialog are explicitly called out in
the HIG as not having a title.

>         b - add an accessible description for this widget.
>         Both may require Code change.

I thought dogtail could uniquely identify widgets by their name?  Does
it requires a11y descriptions instead?  If so, we should add those
instead of making user visible changes that may or may not go against
the HIG depending up on the particular window.

> 2 - also, Dogtail sniffer as well as my code detect an invisible Cancel 
> Button in dialogs Like Find Customer and others,  anyone explain this 
> behavior, is this a gnucash issue or dogtail issue.

This is a shared dialog.  It shows either a close button or a cancel
button depending upon how the window was instantiated.  I can't tell
from my brief look at the code if this change can happen dynamically as
the user is interacting with the dialog, of if it is staticly set when
the dialog is instantiated.  If the latter, then perhaps the unused
button could be deleted instead of hidden.


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