UI Dogtail test harness, Some issues begin to appreas

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Mon Jun 11 11:11:03 EDT 2007

David Hampton <gnucash at love2code.net> writes:

> This is a shared dialog.  It shows either a close button or a cancel
> button depending upon how the window was instantiated.  I can't tell
>>From my brief look at the code if this change can happen dynamically as
> the user is interacting with the dialog, of if it is staticly set when
> the dialog is instantiated.  If the latter, then perhaps the unused
> button could be deleted instead of hidden.

Yes, it can.  IIRC it's possible to turn a Find into a Select based on
interactions in other windows.  That's why the button is hidden
instead of removed.

> David


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