UI Dogtail test harness, Some issues begin to appreas

ahmad sayed ahmadsayed83 at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 10 05:26:46 EDT 2007

Thank you, David 

>> I thought dogtail could uniquely identify widgets by their name
The problem is with the widget that does not have name or dialog that have no title, also window that does not have no title,  so to avoid adding user visual change, you agree with me that adding description will be nice, dogtail has a list of the attributes to detect the (widget name, description, roleName, ....  )
but as i get as long as i could use a way to uniquely specify the widget it will be better, because when depending in rolename, may cause the confusing if i have multiple dialogs opened as child for gnucash

BTW: The dialog i notice that have this issue is the dialog that popup when clicking (Process Payment) menu item.

So i think  adding the accessible description will be a nice idea.

>> This is a shared dialog.  It shows either a close button or a cancel
>> button depending upon how the window was instantiated.  I can't tell
>> from my brief look at the code if this change can happen dynamically as
>> the user is interacting with the dialog, of if it is staticly set when
>> the dialog is instantiated.  If the latter, then perhaps the unused
>> button could be deleted instead of hidden.

Thank you for the explanation, I'm going to avoid code change as much as i could.

Best regards,
Ahmed Sayed

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