What about release plans for 2.2.0?

Christian Stimming stimming at tuhh.de
Sat Jun 16 04:06:48 EDT 2007

Am Samstag, 16. Juni 2007 09:07 schrieb Nathan Buchanan:
> > > What do we do with our release plans for a 2.2.0 release? We planned
> > > that release for the upcoming weekend [1], but currently the
> > > development has slowed significantly. Even more importantly, the PR
> > > Planning [2] has made almost zero progress, but we would need at least
> > > a week of work there before we have enough PR material for the Windows
> > > release.
> I'll try to get working on the PR stuff a bit. These past few weeks have
> been a bit hectic for me.

Ok. Same for me. I'll try to add more material as well (also in German).

> I think that delaying this release is the worse option. We are already
> getting a lot of interest in the dev releases (see below) - If we wait too
> much longer I think the 2.1.x series will start to be used as a stable
> version by the windows community, regardless.
> I think we should take the few weeks to get 2.2.0 ready and released. As
> you mention, it has been a while since the last stable release.

That's what I think as well. So let's go for it.

> > I'd recommend advertising the release candidate Windows version to
> > the current user base and asking people who know how GnuCash is supposed
> > to work to try it under windows.  Do this before having a major PR
> > campaign to the news sources for the actual stable release.
>  I like this idea - Could we indicate that 2.1.4 is intended to be a
> "release candidate"? If that doesn't draw in more testers, I don't know
> what will.

Yes, I think that's reasonable. IMHO the current SVN status is ready to be 
announced as "release candidate". So let's release 2.1.4 this weekend and 
call it our "release candidate 1".


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