Release date 2.2.0? Another release candidate before that?

Christian Stimming stimming at
Sun Jun 24 05:33:31 EDT 2007

Our 2.1.4 release candidate is receiving improved bugreports of things that 
don't work. On the upside this means the package already works in the 
majority of cases and with most features. I think we're progressing nicely 
towards a 2.2.0 release that will work for enough Windows users so that we 
can call it a stable release.

Open question from my side:

* Should we have another "release candidate" version (2.1.5) next weekend? 
That would result in the final 2.2.0 around July 15th.

* Or should we just go ahead and prepare 2.2.0 next weekend? 

As for the actual release and announcement date: As discussed on , we need to set a date for 
preparation of the source tarball, then allow some 2-3 extra days for the 
preparation and upload of the Windows binary, and send out the announcement 
after that. Nathan said he would prefer to have the announcement on a 
Tuesday. If we aim for next weekend, this means: Source package is tagged in 
SVN and uploaded on Saturday, June 30th. Binary package is created and 
uploaded by Monday, July 2nd (and needs to be copied to as well). 
Announcement is sent out on Tuesday, July 3rd. Does that sound fine?

If we decide on another release candidate 2.1.5 (which should be released as 
usual with the immediate announcement), the above dates would be shifted by 
two weeks.

Also, I've added some proposed announcements on where one text was my first 
try for a more story-like announcement, geared towards "popular press", and 
the other text is our usual announcement for the more technically oriented 
users. Everyone is invited to edit these heavily and improve by whatever you 
can come up with.



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