MS Win locale issue?

Davide Imbeni davide.imbeni at
Tue Jun 19 05:10:04 EDT 2007


I've been testing Gnucash for Windows since its first release. I've notice
that there might be a problem with local currency settings, and I'm no
longer sure it only depends on my (old) machine configuration. Please find
below a list of relevant observations.

- In Preferences, both Default Currency () and Default Report Currency
Locale is "ITL (Italian Lira)". Is it really so that my OS still reports
this as the local currency, amore than 7 years after the official
introduction of Euro? Well, this is obviously easily solved by setting the
"Choose" section to EUR... I report this because I suspect it could play a
role in the following.

- When I enter values with decimals, I can only use "." for separating the
decimal part, while according to Italian locale it should be ","
Unfortunately, the thousands separator (shown after inserting a value) is
also ".". This means that one thousand euro and 25 eurcents is shown as "
1.000.25" instead of "1.000,25" (Italian locale) or "1,000.25" (US locale?)

- Whenever I try to edit an already entered value that contains 2 periods
(as in the above example), the value is not shown, instead I will see a
blank entry, or the old entry ( e.g., when moving the cursor down a list of
transactions, I will see the value of the previous transaction instead of
the correct one, when moving the cursor up, I will see the following). If I
don't commit any change, the actual values remain correct, it's only a
visualization problem.

- Beacuse of the above, I connot edit most of the entered values (adding,
multiplying and so on), only rewrite from scratch.

- Something strange also happens when editing the Exchange Rate: if I'm
editing a value that contains decimals and is higher than 1000, a popup
dialog appears complaining about illegal characters. Sometimes no Exchange
Rate dialog appears at all (I was not able to correlate this with anything,

If the above is a general problem (not due to strange settings in my
machine, one never knows...), it would be good to fix them before 2.2, since
they make the software much less usable and "reliable-looking" than it can

I want to take this opportunity to thank all developers for their excellent



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