MS Win locale issue?

Christian Stimming stimming at
Tue Jun 19 10:16:25 EDT 2007

Quoting Andreas Köhler < at>:
>> - General -
>> Locale (location) = Italian (Italy)
>> - Currency -
>> Currency symbol = "L." (as in Italian Lira, why is it still there
>> after all these years!! :-( )
>> I see there is no decimal symbol in the currency section, which makes
>> sense for the ITL admitted no decimals (being worth almost
>> nothing,,,)
> I do not have access to a Windows 2000 machine, so may you please
> continue to try to fix this and post your results here?  Keep in mind
> that 2000 is well before we switched to the Euro :-)

But as we're already talking about workarounds: Why don't we add an  
additional check in gnc_locale_default_currency_nodefault():

if (gnc_is_euro_currency (currency))
   currency = gnc_get_euro();

Given that this only overrides the locale-inferred currency but not  
one that has been set through the user, I think this would be  
reasonable enough to be used.


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