Release date 2.2.0? Another release candidate before that?

Andreas Köhler at
Mon Jun 25 18:32:03 EDT 2007


Am Montag, den 25.06.2007, 11:28 -0400 schrieb Derek Atkins:
> Josh Sled <jsled at> writes:
> > Christian Stimming <stimming at> writes:
> >> * Should we have another "release candidate" version (2.1.5) next weekend? 
> >> That would result in the final 2.2.0 around July 15th.
> >
> > I think (at least) a 2.1.5 is advisable.

I do not have a strong option about that.

> Agreed, I think we want another RC release, if for nothing else than
> that some of the GObjectification issues that we've seen
> (e.g. conflating qof_entity_get_guid() and qof_instance_get_guid()
> which had different return values when passed a NULL argument)...
> There still may be issues with Andreas' quick-fix; we should probably
> (in the short term) revert part of my changes:
> * re-add a qof_entity_get_guid() API
> * revert the calls that were changed to qof_instance_get_guid()
> Doing so, however, isn't a simple "revert a changeset".  :( It's
> reverting only part of a changeset, so it's going to be a manual task.

Should be done as of r16212.  Feel free to verify that.

I have a few other open issues but hope to finish them soon.  It would
be cool if we had a list of release blockers bugs though.

-- andi5

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