Release date 2.2.0? Another release candidate before that?

Chris Lyttle chris at
Mon Jun 25 15:13:43 EDT 2007

I also would prefer to release on thursday or friday due to my wanting 
to go away next weekend. To me pushing out the stable release is 
preferable too as there is a lot more work creating announcements. I 
dont like the idea of doing announcements mid-week as this is quite 
difficult to me due to my work schedule. I would far prefer to create 
the stable release tarball on the thursday before the sunday release to 
give Nathan time to roll the Windows version.


Josh Sled wrote:
> Christian Stimming <stimming at> writes:
>> * Should we have another "release candidate" version (2.1.5) next weekend? 
>> That would result in the final 2.2.0 around July 15th.
> I think (at least) a 2.1.5 is advisable.
>> SVN and uploaded on Saturday, June 30th. Binary package is created and 
>> uploaded by Monday, July 2nd (and needs to be copied to as well). 
>> Announcement is sent out on Tuesday, July 3rd. Does that sound fine?
> July 3rd is the day before a major USian holiday (Independence Day), which
> this year happens to be on a Wednesday.  I'm not sure quite what impact that
> will have on "press", but it might be better to schedule the release for the
> following week.

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