[WIN] Running without admin rights registry and firewall

Jan Schulz jasc at gmx.net
Sat Jun 30 16:45:27 EDT 2007

Hi You,

I'm installing gnucash as lokal admin "root" und using it under my
non-admin account (called "Jan" :-). This seems to be unsupported, as the
installer adds the registry content to the 'HKEY Current User' gegistry
tree, which is "root" during install. The result is, that I can't run the
aq-qizard (Error: wizrd not found) and I can't run the commandline tools
3:2007/06/30 22-09-35:gwen(4004):pathmanager.c:  362: RegOpenKey
Software\Gwenhywfar\Paths failed.

The workaround was to export (as "root") all HKCU/Software/(relevant
entries) and import them as "Jan".

I've no idea if the programms can be adapted to look in HKLM and the
installer installs into to HKLM/Software, but this way it is unuseable :-(

The other point is, that I get two firewall warnings (plain windows
firewall). Seems that gnucash-bin and gconfd-2 want to listen to some
ports. They should be configured as exceptions.

Unfortunatelly online banking it is still not working: I can click the menu
entries, but I only get a flicker (window is opend and closed) and no
results :-( Would be nice to get the results of that call to get the error
message. Any commandline switch or variable to set, that I get to know
whats going on?

Nice greetings,

PS: quite funny to see a unix app not running as normal user. Usually you
have to teach ported windows app the "install as root, run as user"-way but
it seems that the other way is also true :-)
PS2: it woud be nice to get a similar bat for installing the mingw and qt
deendencies. Could't they be redistributet as a small zip, which only has
the relevant content (I don't need header files and demos for qt... mingw
is also only one dll not the whole of gcc). Also, there should be a check
in front of the online wizard menu entry, so that it does not fail, but
says what you have to do.

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