SX: Created Transactions disappear from Register

Volker Englisch Volker at
Sat Mar 3 23:52:34 EST 2007


Just wanted to report on a behavior with the new scheduled transactions 
that I don't believe was intended as is.

I am running the "Since Last Run" dialog to create scheduled 
transactions.  I am selecting the option "Review created transactions" 
and click "OK" after entering/releasing some SXs.
A new register tab is being created with the created transactions 
listed.  When I click on one of the transactions to change the date or 
the memo all of the transactions suddenly disappear.

I ran the SLR again, click a transaction in the "Created Transactions" 
tab causing GC to crash with the error message:

    ***MEMORY-ERROR***: gnucash[17614]: GSlice: assertion failed:
    sinfo->n_allocated > 0

Following this I rerun the SLR to release/add another scheduled 
transaction following the same pattern:
   - Set the "Instance State" from "Postponed" to "To-Create"
   - Enter a dollar amount for "(need value)"
   - Click "Review created transactions"
   - Click "OK"
A new transaction register tab with the new scheduled transaction has 
been created (if I click in the register the transactions disappear).
When I repeat this two or three times (running SLR multiple times) GC 
crashes with a
   Segmentation fault

I am testing with GC (Built 2007-03-03 from r15678) on FC5.


     Volker Englisch

mailto:Volker at    (h)

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