SX: Created Transactions not removed from SLR list

Volker Englisch Volker at
Sun Mar 11 18:45:36 EDT 2007

On 03/07/2007 08:54 PM Josh Sled wrote:
> Fixed in r15687.  Thanks again.

I think the fix in R15687 may have introduced another bug.

It seems the transactions that are either listed to be ignored or to be 
created are not cleared from the SLR list and are displayed again the 
next time the SLR runs.  Here it doesn't matter if the SLR is started 
from the menu option or starts automatically when GC starts.
Also, it doesn't matter if the 'Review created Transactions' box is 
checked or not.
The automatically created transactions that don't need editing appear to 
be working correctly.


     Volker Englisch

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