80-column width [WAS: Re: indent]

Josh Sled jsled at asynchronous.org
Wed Mar 14 17:51:13 EDT 2007

On Fri, 2007-03-09 at 15:46 -0500, Chris Shoemaker wrote:
> Let me speak up in favor of the 80-char limit.  However, I'm okay with
> treating it as "strongly encouraged" rather than rigorously enforced.

I think after discussion in #gnucash that we've come to consensus that
the goal is an 80-column line width, but that it's not a hard rule.

I think breaking after '(' is a good idea, as well, and should be part
of the style.

I mentioned at the time that it'd be interesting to know what the
"natural" width is.  Not rigorously, just looking at the number of
line-ending "="s after re-formatting with -l{80,85,90,95,100}, we see:

txn-80.c:  4
txn-85.c:  2
txn-90.c:  2
txn-95.c:  1
txn-100.c:  1

register-80.c:   12
register-85.c:   6
register-90.c:   6
register-95.c:   2
register-100.c:  1

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