Several basic(dumb?) questions on the Help Document

Dave Herman dvherman at
Wed Mar 21 22:16:37 EDT 2007

While reviewing the Help document I have several questions.
I'm using primarily svn (trunk r15744). FC6 

1) The register display for a expense type account displays two amount
fields labeled "Expense" and "Rebate". Is "rebate" the correct term?

2) When verifying the section on "Entering Multiple Split Transactions"
I noticed that the Split icon & the Action > Split Transaction are not
"active"(highlighted) - How are these options activated?
I can add splits without the use of these options by simply adding lines
in the register.  In fact on the transaction actions I've tried I have
not been able to find the "Split" icon or the "Action > Split
Transaction" enabled.  Can others see them enabled?

3) The "Entering a Transactions via register" section has the line
"Transactions with just one transfer account will show the name of that
account in the Transfer field in completed transactions."
Which is the "transfer" field?  

Whoops - Issue #3 maybe that "Transfer" field is not labeled in the
register display, with View > Auto-Split Ledger enabled.

Are these issues relevant in light of the register rewrite?


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