Several basic(dumb?) questions on the Help Document

Beth Leonard beth at
Fri Mar 23 15:45:19 EDT 2007

On Thu, Mar 22, 2007 at 11:53:59AM -0600, Dave Herman wrote:
> Thanks Chris - as I suspected there were simple answers.  I will try to
> clarify the document.
> Only the label "rebate" did I think might be a "bug", but not very
> strongly.

I believe rebate is the correct term for the non-accounting labels
for expense accounts.

If I buy a $100 printer, I put it in Expenses:Computer Hardware, with
a balancing account as my bank account.  The $100 goes in the "expense"

If later I turn in the mail-in rebate for $15, and the company actually
sends me the money, when I deposit that check the $15 goes in the
"deposit" column of my bank account and the balancing account is
the Expenses:Computer Hardware account.  It goes in the "Rebate" column,
because the rebate effectively reduced the expense of the printer.  It
is not "income" it's a rebate.

Beth Leonard

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