Several basic(dumb?) questions on the Help Document

Dave Herman dvherman at
Thu Mar 22 13:53:59 EDT 2007

Thanks Chris - as I suspected there were simple answers.  I will try to
clarify the document.

Only the label "rebate" did I think might be a "bug", but not very


On Thu, 2007-03-22 at 10:12 -0400, Chris Shoemaker wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 21, 2007 at 08:16:37PM -0600, Dave Herman wrote:
> > While reviewing the Help document I have several questions.
> > I'm using primarily svn (trunk r15744). FC6 
> > 
> > 1) The register display for a expense type account displays two amount
> > fields labeled "Expense" and "Rebate". Is "rebate" the correct term?
> Seems resonable to me.
> > 2) When verifying the section on "Entering Multiple Split Transactions"
> > I noticed that the Split icon & the Action > Split Transaction are not
> > "active"(highlighted) - How are these options activated?
> > I can add splits without the use of these options by simply adding lines
> > in the register.  In fact on the transaction actions I've tried I have
> > not been able to find the "Split" icon or the "Action > Split
> > Transaction" enabled.  Can others see them enabled?
> They're only enabled in "Basic Ledger" view.
> > 3) The "Entering a Transactions via register" section has the line
> > "Transactions with just one transfer account will show the name of that
> > account in the Transfer field in completed transactions."
> > Which is the "transfer" field?  
> the field where the account names go
> > Whoops - Issue #3 maybe that "Transfer" field is not labeled in the
> > register display, with View > Auto-Split Ledger enabled.
> Well, if the cursor is on a transaction line, that header is blank.
> If the cursor is on a split line, is says "Account".
> In Basic Ledger view, it always says "Transfer".
> > Are these issues relevant in light of the register rewrite?
> I can't tell if you're suggesting that these "issues" are bugs to be
> fixed, but in any case, the current register remains relevant for as
> long as we're maintaining it.
> -chris

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