Summer of Code - Dogtail UI Test Harness

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Sun Mar 25 16:06:53 EDT 2007


FYI, this kind of discussion should happen on the gnucash-devel
mailing list and not in private email.

I dont think we need a specific detailed implementation plan, but
showing that you understand the gnucash source code, understand
the existing test suite, and at least have sufficient understanding
of the underlying technologies that you can show that you can actually
perform the tasks you propose to do.

As for how many students GnuCash can choose, I think that depends on
lots of factors, not all of which are under our control.

Good Luck,


"Roberto Fagá" <robertofaga at> writes:

> Hello Derek (or Warlord)
> I'm interested in this dogtail using project. I'm computer science
> undergraduate, researching in CHI area, so I really liked this tool,
> and I like Gnucash too, of course :P
> I want to know if I need to write a detailed implementation of dogtail
> in gnucash, citing where to implement (but I believe this is part of
> work, isn it?), and so on, or just a plan to how to study, research
> and implement it in gnucash (more superficial) ?
> I'm new in Summer of Code, how many students Gnucash can choose for
> summer of code?
> Thanks for attention!

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