reference to $LIBGNOMEPRINTUI_URL still kicking around in

Andreas Köhler at
Wed Mar 28 05:08:01 EDT 2007


Am Dienstag, den 27.03.2007, 21:03 -0400 schrieb Nathan Buchanan:
> /packaging/win32/ still has a reference to
> $LIBGNOMEPRINTUI_URL on line 113. libgnomeprintui was removed in
> r15750. Could we have this line removed from

You probably mean as you said in the subject.  It has been
removed in r15761.  Thank you.

Please not that we will not be able to ship gnucash with reports using
gtkprint in the current state, as there are two obvious major bugs:

* all objects (text, graphs) are painted over in black (cairo/gtk+)
* everything sits on the first page (gtkhtml)

I am concentrating on these issues now, but do not know whether they
will be fixed in time.  If not, we will have to revert r15750 and 15761,
and tell the users to disable extended features of their printers or
print to pdf, as there is some nice mirroring bug in gnomeprint.  But I
still hope we can avoid that.

> Thanks,
> Nathan

-- andi5

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