Again font size when printing (reporting system help!!!)

two old twoold at
Thu Mar 29 05:02:12 EDT 2007

Thanks for your replays.
Exporting to HTML is not really working for me. Well it is working for
reports but basically I have the same problem with invoices etc. Since I
have a small business I want to send lots and lots of invoices :-)

It sounds like a challenge. Is there a place where I can read some of the
discussion about the reporting system and the thoughts the dev have?

Thanks again.


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  "two old" writes:

  > I have searched the net and the mailing list and all I get are
  > questions. Try this or try that, sometimes it works, sometimes it
  > I have even found a posting of programmers saying they are giving
  up on
  > this problem. Yes I tried to change “print-session.c” no luck, it
  > not work.

  As far as I can tell, print-session.c is for checks. I'm not sure
  it's used for reports.. But honestly, I don't know. The report code
  was all written SO LONG ago that NONE of the current developers
  know it well. Indeed, most of the developers want to rewrite the
  whole reporting subsystem. But this is a MAJOR undertaking, and might
  need to pull in yet more dependencies. There was even a discussion on
  changing over to Gecko, but that would make gnucash depend on

  > I'm trying to get this to work for 4 days now and being a
  > owner I really do not have the time to figure this out. Its a shame
  > GnuCash is a really nice program. I like using it, but printing is

  Indeed. Part of the problem may be GnuCash, but I think other
  parts of the problem are GtkHTML and GnomePrint, the libraries that
  GnuCash uses for reporting and printing.

  > Is there anyone how knows “exactly” how this printing works?
  > Please programmers! I do not want feature X or option Y I just want
  > get my financial data on a piece of paper and please bear in mind
  > I'm not blind and my storage is limited, I don't want huge fonts.

  I suspect the answer to your first question is "yes", but more
  precisely I doubt that any of those people are still reading this
  mailing list. I do understand your pain. Honestly, what I do when I
  need to print something from gnucash is export to HTML and then load
  it into firefox and print from there.

  > I know that my tone of voice probably will not invite you to
  > Sorry for that, I need to get my frustration out. I'm feeling much
  > now thanks :-)

  No problem. I DO feel your pain!

  > Now my questions. When I push the print button what happens? Which
  > are used and in what order? Where are the variables located? And
  > naturally where besides “print-session.c” are font sizes defined?

  Umm....... I dont know. Sorry. Maybe another dev can answer you.

  > Thanks,
  > Rob (2old).


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