Again font size when printing (reporting system help!!!)

Josh Sled jsled at
Thu Mar 29 12:42:04 EDT 2007

On Thu, March 29, 2007 5:02 am, two old wrote:
> It sounds like a challenge. Is there a place where I can read some of the
> discussion about the reporting system and the thoughts the dev have?

I think the IRC logs contain some of that, though we've not talked about
it formally much.  Over the years, I there are a few aspects that we agree

- the reports should not have scheme scripts emitting HTML (i.e.,
"(simple-format #f "<p>")" or even the "(gnc:html-p-element
paragraph-content)"  form we have now, but instead have a script that
generates the report content, then applies it to a templated HTML file.

- we should modernize our use of the printing libraries, especially as
it's moved into gtk in recent times; some of this is already in progress.

- (maybe optionally) allowing gecko would get a capable HTML rendering
engine, importantly supporting CSS for both display and printing.  As yelp
already defaults to dep'ing against firefox/gecko, this shouldn't be a
huge burden, but I understand that this is a problem for some people.  I'm
not sure that we care or have time to support both gecko and gtkhtml,

I could add more detail, but I'm not sure what you're after, exactly.

(We should probably limit followups to gnucash-devel.)


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