Windows nightly build: Would you use it?

Stephen Grant brown s_g_brown at
Sun Oct 7 08:51:23 EDT 2007

Hi All,

If by a tarball you mean a 50 to 60 megabyte file each night I would soon 
run out of download quota.

Why not a svn checkout of a compiled and runable gnucash that can be run 
independently of the stable 2.2.1 version?

I am still attempting to get a working build system for gnucash  under 
Windows Vista.

Under Windows XP I could run the gnucash from the stable tarball or gnucash 
from the build and as far as I know the two versions of gnucash where 
entirely independent of each other. ie no files used in the tarball'ed 
gnucash from the gnucash I built, and no files used in the gnucash I built 
from the gnucash obtained from the tarball.

Yours Sincerely Stephen Grant Brown

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Subject: Windows nightly build: Would you use it?

> Hello All!
> I've been considering providing nightly development builds of gnucash for
> Windows, but there's been some debate among the developers as to whether 
> the
> builds would be used. So, I'm writing to ask the Windows user/dev 
> community
> if they think they would use it.
> And example of the builds is here:
> What it is:
> -The latest development version of gnucash taken straight from the source
> repository.
> -Includes features under development
> -Includes any unreleased bugfixes
> -It will probably include some new bugs as well.
> Who would use it:
> -Those who would like to be on the leading edge of development and don't
> mind the occasional crash
> -Those who would like to help gnucash by locating/troubleshooting/fixing
> bugs and verifying bugfixes.
> So with that, the poll opens: would you foresee using a nightly build of
> gnucash for Windows? Should we be providing them?
> Input from all is welcome.
> Nathan
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