RFC: Server disk slowly failing, I plan to replace it using tip jar.

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Sun Oct 7 09:19:57 EDT 2007

"Stuart D. Gathman" <stuart at gathman.org> writes:

> With that much memory in a server, non-ECC seems rather a risk.  A new
> Dell 3.0Ghz Pentium-D dual core 2G ECC ram 2x250G SATA is about $700 delivered
> in the continental US (SC440).  (Just bought one for home - very quiet.)  Then
> there are older SC400 models on ebay and such - typically 2.8Ghz Pentium 4.
> Maybe if the tip jar gets big enough? (...goes to get wallet...).

Well, we certainly have the cash in the tip jar for that, but I don't
think we need to spend that money now.  First, I wouldn't want to buy
a used system.  Second, I also don't think we need a new system, yet.
I'd rather spend only $150 to upgrade the existing server than $700 to
buy a new one, when frankly the existing server is working quite well
under the current load.  Yes, we'll probably need a new server in
another year or three if the load continues to increase as it's been
increasing.  This server has been deployed for... three years?  It
started with FC1, then was updated to FC4, and I plan to update to F7
at the end of the month.  I think it certainly has another one or two
years left in it before it should get retired..

The next server I want to by is either a dual-chip quad-code (8 CPUs)
or a quad-chip quad-core (16 CPUs) with somewhere from 16-32GB ram to
act as a VM server with a bunch of VMs for builds, tests, etc.  (this
would probably be a "shared" box between my company, my personal
stuff, and gnucash).  But that's probably not on the radar until next

But thank you for your suggestion.

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