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Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Sun Oct 7 09:48:00 EDT 2007

Andrew Sackville-West <ajswest at mindspring.com> writes:

> I suppose this raises the larger issue of what is going on long-term
> with the reports. Is the amount of work necesary to fix the
> performance issues sufficient to warrant looking at the long term goal
> with reporting with an eye to just doing that change now? I know
> Derek wants to work e-guile into the mix and implement some kind of
> templating. Others have suggested binding in a whole 'nother language
> for reporting. I don't know the answers and lack the knowledge,
> experience and position to answer them.
> Should the reporting structure be re-worked altogether? now or later?
> Should the current structure be cleaned up in parallel to that effort
> to improve performance in the interim? Or should it be left as it is,
> just improved?

My personal opinion:  I'd add in e-guile if I could find a
free weekend to actually hack on GnuCash.  I think it's a short
term fix for the templating issue, not a long-term solution.

In the long-term I think we need to change both the reporting
infrastructure and the display methodology.  I.e., I think we 
want to swap out GtkHTML for Gecko, and probably, simultaneously,
drop in a new reporting infrastructure.   Granted, these are
PROBABLY separable projects, but why not work to get it done
at the same time?

I think the newer system should definitely be template-based, and we
can choose whatever template wrapper language seems correct at the

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