Branch off a 2.2-branch, then merge CSV importer into trunk?

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Sun Oct 7 19:33:58 EDT 2007

Quoting Andreas Köhler < at>:

>> What do you think?
> +1, as it seems to help development.  We/I could do the branching
> whenever you like.  BTW, are you doing the merge then?

I think that if the CSV branch is ready to merge then we should make
the 2.2 branch and then merge CSV into trunk.  Although there are
a few more patches I'd like to get in before the branch, but if I
don't, I don't.

> Also, what about the other branches?  Especially, do you think we can
> merge register-rewrite, force people to look at it and give them the
> feeling that GnuCash is a nice project to hack on :-)

I don't think the RR branch is ready to merge, and I don't think we
should merge it until it is ready.

> -- andi5


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