Branch off a 2.2-branch, then merge CSV importer into trunk?

Andreas Köhler at
Sun Oct 7 19:22:11 EDT 2007

Hi Christian,

Am Sonntag, den 07.10.2007, 23:04 +0200 schrieb Christian Stimming:
> The subject says it all: The CSV importer in the csv-branch looks good enough 
> to be merged into our developement trunk. However, it still needs some work 
> here and there, which is why it shouldn't be merged into the trunk branch as 
> long as we are still releasing 2.2.x releases from it.
> Hence, I'd suggest to branch off the stable 2.2 branch now (or: within the 
> next few weeks), and merge the csv-importer branch into trunk directly after 
> that so that more people can have a look at the importer code.
> What do you think?

+1, as it seems to help development.  We/I could do the branching
whenever you like.  BTW, are you doing the merge then?

Also, what about the other branches?  Especially, do you think we can
merge register-rewrite, force people to look at it and give them the
feeling that GnuCash is a nice project to hack on :-)

-- andi5

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