Branch off a 2.2-branch, then merge CSV importer into trunk?

Geert Janssens janssens-geert at
Sun Oct 7 17:00:44 EDT 2007


Since I am not a core developer, you may ignore my opinion in this matter.

I would like to ask though if someone could have a look at the patches I sent 
in last Wednesday via this list (the mail was titled "Two small gui 
improvements"). If they would get accepted and include before branching off 
2.2.x, it would mean a lot for me, namely, that the next stable release is 
slightly easier to work with in my particular case. You can read the other 
mail to see why that is.

Other than that, I have no opinion on this.


On Sunday 7 October 2007, Christian Stimming wrote:
> The subject says it all: The CSV importer in the csv-branch looks good
> enough to be merged into our developement trunk. However, it still needs
> some work here and there, which is why it shouldn't be merged into the
> trunk branch as long as we are still releasing 2.2.x releases from it.
> Hence, I'd suggest to branch off the stable 2.2 branch now (or: within the
> next few weeks), and merge the csv-importer branch into trunk directly
> after that so that more people can have a look at the importer code.
> What do you think?
> Christian
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