Windows nightly build: Would you use it?

Stephen Grant brown s_g_brown at
Sun Oct 7 20:15:11 EDT 2007

Hi All,

Sorry about my last post. I did it in a hurry.

What I meant was that the "nightly Win32 build (gnucash-setup.exe)" would be 
about sixty megabytes of downloading each night to make use of it. I for one 
would soon run out of download quota if I were to use it.

If instead of the development gnucash-setup.exe being made available nightly 
why not make available a compiled version of gnucash as is produced by 
gnucash-setup.exe once it was installed.

My understanding of the make proscess is that only the executable files get 
updated that depend on source files that have been updated. By making 
available via SVN a copy of the compiled compnemts of gnucash I am assuming 
that only a meg or two would need to be downloaded.

Under Microsoft XP I had the files from gnucash-setup.exe runing 
independently of the files generated by the build proccess.  I am assuming 
that the same would be true under Vista.

The stable version of gnucash runs OK for me (ie there are bugs in it that I 
want fixed but I can work around them). I would not use a nightly compiled 
version of gnucash if I knew I could not switch back to the stable version 
because of a fatal bug in the nightlly build of the gnucash-setup.exe.

Yours Sincerely Stephen Grant Brown

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> Stephen,
> Where did Nathan use the word "tarball"?  I don't see it anywhere...
> Nathan was asking whether he thought people would want to be able
> to have a nightly Win32 build (gnucash-setup.exe) available in
> addition to the stable Win32 build (gnucash-setup.exe).   HOPEFULLY
> the two installations would be independent, although I dont know
> if you could have them both installed simultaneously or not.
> This has nothing to do with building gnucash yourself.
> -derek
> "Stephen Grant brown" <s_g_brown at> writes:
>> Hi All,
>> If by a tarball you mean a 50 to 60 megabyte file each night I would soon
>> run out of download quota.
>> Why not a svn checkout of a compiled and runable gnucash that can be run
>> independently of the stable 2.2.1 version?
>> I am still attempting to get a working build system for gnucash  under
>> Windows Vista.
>> Under Windows XP I could run the gnucash from the stable tarball or 
>> gnucash
>>>From the build and as far as I know the two versions of gnucash where
>> entirely independent of each other. ie no files used in the tarball'ed
>> gnucash from the gnucash I built, and no files used in the gnucash I 
>> built
>>>From the gnucash obtained from the tarball.
>> Yours Sincerely Stephen Grant Brown
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>> Subject: Windows nightly build: Would you use it?
>>> Hello All!
>>> I've been considering providing nightly development builds of gnucash 
>>> for
>>> Windows, but there's been some debate among the developers as to whether
>>> the
>>> builds would be used. So, I'm writing to ask the Windows user/dev
>>> community
>>> if they think they would use it.
>>> And example of the builds is here:
>>> What it is:
>>> -The latest development version of gnucash taken straight from the 
>>> source
>>> repository.
>>> -Includes features under development
>>> -Includes any unreleased bugfixes
>>> -It will probably include some new bugs as well.
>>> Who would use it:
>>> -Those who would like to be on the leading edge of development and don't
>>> mind the occasional crash
>>> -Those who would like to help gnucash by locating/troubleshooting/fixing
>>> bugs and verifying bugfixes.
>>> So with that, the poll opens: would you foresee using a nightly build of
>>> gnucash for Windows? Should we be providing them?
>>> Input from all is welcome.
>>> Nathan
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