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Tue Oct 9 12:41:30 EDT 2007

Two quick comments.  Maybe include a SKU # field, and change buy-price
to cost (cost of goods sold), since manufactured items could be in

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> Subject: Inventory system design: proposal:
> From: "Lianto Ruyang" <lianto.ruyang at>
> Date: Tue, October 09, 2007 9:15 am
> To: "gnucash developer" <gnucash-devel at>
> Hello Everyone,
> I want to add an inventory system to gnucash. After looking at the code and
> considering how i want it to be, i come up with the following design:
> inventory-system:
> * core
>  - Item { name, sell-price, buy-price, quantity, description, item_group,
> asset-account, expense-account,
>                income-account }
>  - Item_group { name, list_of_item }
> * ui
>  - input-dialog
>  - select-dialog (A tree-view of "Item_groups", and inside each "Item_group"
> are the "Items")
>  - invoice (Press "Enter" in the description register will pop-up the
> select-dialog)
> * report (profit of each item, qty of each item, etc)
> * backend (xml??)
> The "Item" and "Item_group" object will be derived from QofInstance, so they
> will be queryable. Above are informations which i think is needed most for
> those objects.
> The 'asset-account', 'expense-account', and 'income-account' will be useful
> in filling the invoice. After a user select an "Item" from select-dialog,
> the "account" columns and "price" columns can be automatically filled.
> The dialogs can be created using glade.
> There are a lot of problems which i choose to put aside for now (because it
> gives me too much headache :) such as
> - how to make the select-dialog can show items quickly (i imagine if the
> items are in thousands the tree-view will be very slow)
> - is it allright to modify the current invoice, or is it better to make
> another special invoice for inventory?
> and lots lots of other things which hasn't occured to me just now. Not to
> mention how to write the code :)
> Please tell me your opinion (any opinion!!) and thoughts. I've never
> involved in opensource software development before, lot of stuff to learn.
> Hope it 's ok.
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