Search dialog with multiple search arguments

Geert Janssens janssens-geert at
Sun Oct 14 07:04:10 EDT 2007


I encountered this when using the business menu search dialog (to find for 
example a list of invoices)

I entered two search criteria (using the Add button):
- Company name
- Date Opened

After hitting find, the search results do match the search criteria. This is 
good, as this is the main purpose of the search.

What I like less is that at the same time the list of search criteria is reset 
to only the last search criterium (Date Opened in my case). For me this is a 
bit counter-intuitive. I'd expect to get exactly the same search results when 
hitting the Find button again without explicitly changing the search 

If others agree on this, I can make an RFE for it in bugzilla. But I'd first 
like to hear other's opinions.



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