Problems downloading stock quotes [RESOLVED] possible security issue

Josh Sled jsled at
Wed Oct 17 23:45:53 EDT 2007

Richard Geddes <rich.geddes at> writes:
> Seems a little odd that F::Q would fail when advertiser domain names are
> unresolvable... I would figure, if an F::Q encounters an ad domain while
> scraping, it would ignore it and look for the goodies.   I guess I could
> tcpdump the F:Q connection to see what's going on at the packet
> level... it's been a while since I've tcpdump'ed, so it'll take me some
> time to get the output correct. 

You're assuming that your "advertiser" host list is both precise and
accurate.  It may well be neither.

Also, as per the mechanism used (changing the resolution for "ad" hosts to
"localhost")... when a process encounters a domain, it doesn't know if it's
an "ad" domain or not, it just tries to make the connection to localhost,
instead, and fails.  For HTTP, this will either be a connection failure, or
perhaps a 404 or 500 failure (if you happen to be running an http server on
your local machine).  It just so happens that for the case of an ad
image/flash/javascript in common web browsers, these failures result in the
desired effect: no advertisement.  Other applications might not fail in the
same way.

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