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Things like this is why is better to have a library doing the hardwork
and allows the users to create it's interface, I don't know about
Symbian, but GDA and GnomeDB have a porting to Maemo (Nokia N800 - I
have one:) and that was in a relative short time, even Glom witch uses
GDA, have one.

Remember that a library based on GLib/GObject can be ported to
different plattaforms with few changes: exists a lot of libraries
ported to Windows included GDA.

QofQuery -> GdaQuery

I was thinking all the night the reasons to Why Not port QofQuery to GdaQuery:

QofQuery has:

1) Depends on QOF internal data store and object type system, witch is
incompatible with GDA and GLib, GDA have different GdaDataModel models
to store data temporally defined for the providers and use GLib's type
system to know the data type returned by them.

GdaQuery needs:

1) A GdaDict and this a GdaConnection, in order to execute the
queries, even if you want to create subqueries you need this objects.

2) If you have a data representation of the one in the provider, it
must be a GdaDataModel and QOF has it's own incompatible

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> No one has announced they they have completed (or are even working on) such a thing.
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